Stationary batteries

Advanced battery technologies AGM, GEL, TPPL, Ni-Cd, OPZS, OPZV, Li-Ion, LPF

Voltage levels:

  • Monoblocks of 12VDC
  • Monoblocks of 2VDC, 4VDC and 6VDC


  • from 5Ah up to 3500Ah

Types and technologies of manufacturing:

  • Advanced technology with thin clean lead plates (TPPL)
  • Advanced technology based on LiFePo4 technology (LPF)
  • Open with maintenance (OPzS, OP and OPZ)
  • Open with maintenance produced from clean lead (Plante)
  • Closed without maintenance (AGM)
  • Closed without maintenance with front terminal connectors (AGM FT)
  • Closed without maintenance in horizontal or vertical position (OPzV – GEL)
  • Closed without maintenance for solar and hybrid applications (OPzV / GEL)
  • Open with maintenance for solar and hybrid applications (TS)
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries (NiCd) with or without maintenance, lifespan over 20 years (NiCd)

Target markets:

  • Solar applications and STORAGE systems
  • Grid systems with MEGA STORAGE batteries based on LPF technology
  • Telecommunications (fixed and mobile operators, cable and internet providers)
  • Energy (production, transmission and distribution of electricity)
  • IT industry (server halls, data centers)
  • Industry (refineries, petrochemicals, surface mines and mines, airplane and automotive industry)
  • Railways and other transport industries
  • Public sector (state administration, ministries, healthcare)
  • Financial sector (banks, insurance companies and leasing companies)
  • Construction sector (shopping malls, hotels, residential buildings)

Application examples:

  • Back-up system for STORAGE systems
  • Grid systems for MEGA STORAGE systems
  • Powered supply for fixed telephone exchanges and other telecommunications equipment
  • Power supply of base stations
  • Power supply of internet main and cable hubs
  • Power supply of indoor and outdoor video surveillance
  • Power supply of servers and server halls
  • Power supply of data centers
  • Insulated solar and hybrid power systems
  • Auxiliary power supply in substations
  • Auxiliary power supply for stations in hydro power plants and mini hydro power plants
  • Auxiliary power supply at thermal power plants
  • Auxiliary power in substations for wind parks and solar power plants
  • Power supply of PLCs and automation in production facilities
  • Auxiliary power supply in wastewater treatment plants
  • Power supply of radiocommunication equipment for air traffic control
  • Power supply of railway EP plants and signalization
  • Power supply of ATMs
  • Power supply of medical appliances and equipment
  • Power supply of necessary lighting and safety systems