About us

ENERGIZE LLC bases its business on the principle of considering investments as its own – considering each investment through TOTAL OWNERSHIP COSTS (TCO principle) as a mandatory component of investment-evaluation, whileas providing investment service life of 25 years. We want to make sure that our clients and partners have the highest level of quality equipment and services, as well as engineering experience and warranties in specific areas of the market. Through investments in engineering of the best solutions for ZERO FEED-IN principle in accordance with regulations, with confirmation of the concept at the largest Solar Power Plants in Serbia (Projects), ENERGIZE LLC is the most experienced company on the Serbian market in the field of engineering, design and implementation of Solar Power Plants intended for self-consumption. The key values ​​of the company are defined by our ENERGIZE PREMIUM ADVANTAGES package for end users.

As a leading system integrator in the field of Energy sector in Serbia, company Energize LLC is offering the design and construction of Solar Power Plants, Solar and Hybrid STORAGE Systems, Solar LED Lighting Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, Efficient Industrial Heating Systems, Manufactoring Process Protection Systems, Energy Management Systems (Industry 4.0 standard), Industrial Energetics, Data Centers, Base Station Power Supplies, Power Supplies in Power generation, transport and distribution of energy, Energy Storage Systems and other specialized areas.

As a company representative, ENERGIZE LLC is present in Serbia, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia. We are using our representative status to cover entire markets with both technical and service support to all customers and clients. In order to enable market development and positioning of product brands, we are providing additional education and training of our partners. Our knowledge in the field of renewable energy sources, energy and power supply systems, as well as experience in designing and implementing complex systems, has been recognized by the network of our partners operating in Southeast Europe.

The Mission of our company

THE DEVELOPMENT OF SOLAR ENERGY AND STORAGE SYSTEMS IN SERBIA AND WORLDWIDE IS OUR CORE MISSION WHILE PROVIDING EDUCATION INCREASING THE AWARENESS OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND PROMOTING SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Our vision is a world in which the basic needs for reliable power are fulfilled in an environmentally sustainable way and development of a company that improves the quality of the environment where we live and work.


Solar Power Plants, Solar and Hybrid STORAGE Systems, Solar LED lighting, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, Efficient Industrial Heating Systems, Production Process Protection Systems, Energy Management Systems (Industry 4.0 standard), Industrial Energy, Data Centers, Base station power supplies, Power supplies in power generation, transport and distribution of electric energy, Energy Storage Systems.



Increasing market share

Increasing market share by ensuring the trust of both existing and potential clients and customers while recognizing their needs and expectations.

Uninterruptible power supply system

Designing, production, implementation and equipment commissioning of uninterruptible power supply systems that provide protection and safety of processes for our clients while reducing the possibility of any kind of accidents and emergencies.

Developing and maintaining good partnership relations

Developing good and partnership relations with manufacturers/suppliers, as well as other stakeholders through mutual exchange of knowledge and experience.

Implementation of solar and hybrid systems

Development and implementation of solar and hybrid systems that use inexhaustible energy sources, in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources and fossil fuels, and thus reduce the overall operating costs and negative impact on the environment.

Encouraging the initiative of employees

We are constantly encouraging the initiative of employees, through improving their professional knowledge and competence in all aspects of business, as well as developing an approach that contributes to the development of the entire company, with awareness of the importance of meeting customer requirements and requests, preserving the environment, compliance with all safety requirements, regulations and our company principles.

Regulatory compliance

Regular monitoring, implementation and compliance to all relevant legal and other regulations.

Enviromental protection

Enviromental preservation through clear definition of aspects and impacts of the company’s processes and activities on the environment, increasing energy efficiency, monitoring and controlling the consumption of natural resources, as well as measuring environmental performance and managing waste generated during the our business processes.

High level of security

We want to make sure that every visitor, employee or partner has been provided with a high level of safety, through defining and implementing the rules of conduct during the work activities, as well as providing safety equipment, raising employee awarness about importance of respecting and adhering to safety measures and providing regular medical and physical assesments.

In order to improve the overall business of the company and provide top quality services to stakeholders – every employee, management included, is making sure that all of the aspects of the policy of an Integrated Management System are constantly being followed, apllied and monitored.

In Belgrade, 01.01.2021.

General Manager,
Vladimir Popović


Modern business, according to ISO procedures, is complemented by certificates of authorization for the sale, installation and maintenance of the premium equipment of our foreign partners.