As a leading system integrator in the field of Energy sector in Serbia, company Energize LLC is offering the design and construction of Solar Power Plants, Solar and Hybrid STORAGE Systems, Solar LED Lighting Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, Efficient Industrial Heating Systems, Manufactoring Process Protection Systems, as well as Energy Management Systems (Industry 4.0 standard), including the implementation based on the turn-key concept. Look up the entire portfolio of our projects and solutions.
Solar and Hybrid Systems

Solar Power Plants

Solar Power Plants, connected to distribution network or intended for self-consumption, with concentrated solar power ranging from 30kWp to 10MWp, based on an turn-key concept.

solarni storage sistemi

Solar Storage Systems

Solar Power Plants with energy accumulation, hybrid and off-grid systems, with concentrated power adapted to its users needs and requirements, based on a turnkey basis.

stanice za elektor automobile

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Complete solutions for Electric Vehicle Stations with chargers for electric cars and other vehicles, with a solar storage system and a canopy, based on the "turn-key construction principle.

energetski menadzment

Energy Management

Complete WIRELESS and CLOUD solutions for monitoring and managing all critical processes in industrial production and manufactoring, according to the Industry 4.0 standard.

industrijiski menadzment

Industrial Energetics

Provide a solution for every requirement in the field of Industrial Energetics, from the site inspection and observation, feasibility study and design preparation based on the turn-key construction principle.


Solar Carports

Complete Solar Carport Construction turn key solutions with combination of Solar / Storage / Electric Car Charger Stations.

zastita proizvodnog procesa

Production Process Protection

Do you have unwanted interruptions in the manufactoring process? Make sure you are protecting critical aspects of your production from all irregularities.

solarno led osvetljenje

Solar LED lighting

Choose some of our inovative solutions for solar LED lighting based on an turn-key principle.


Modern business, according to ISO procedures, is complemented by certificates of authorization for the sale, installation and maintenance of the premium equipment of our foreign partners.