Chargers for electric cars

Chargers for electric cars of the world’s leading manufacturers

Wallbox Pulsar:

Wallbox Pulsar is a practical and intelligent charging system for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Pulsar’s design is the most compact on the market and features the most advanced technology to provide the maximum charging performance for the vehicle. It adapts to any installation, both private garages and community or company parking.

Key features

  • Status lights: reflects charging activity using intuitive color code
  • Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to
  • Interact with the charger whenever you are near it. You can manage the charger and upgrade your firmware to take full advantage of all the capabilities of the charger through the mobile application

Wallbox Pulsar Plus:

Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a practical, intelligent charging system for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, which connects to the myWallbox charging management platform using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Pulsar Plus comes with the addition of integrated DC leakage Protection as standard. Pulsar Plus is compact and features the most advanced technology to provide maximum charging performance. Pulsar Plus easily adapts to any installation, in private garages or shared parking.

Key features

  • Always connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Integrated charging status lights
  • Integrated DC leakage protection
  • Optimize your charging infrastructure and reduce charging times with Power Boost technology.
    Compact design

Wallbox Cooper SB:

Wallbox Copper SB is adapted for commercial and semi public use. With the introduction of a universal socket, the charger is suitable for both Type 1 and Type 2 vehicle connectors. Access control is managed through RFID. The Copper SB is an intelligent device that is always connected to the myWallbox charging management platform. As a result, multiple users can be monitored and available power can be distributed amongst various chargers.

Key features

  • Socket connector is universally accepted by all plug-in vehicle types
  • The authentication of multiple users can be done through both RFID and the app
  • Balancing charging power across chargers thanks to Power Sharing Smart
  • Beautifully designed and manufactured, this product will make real statement about your company

Wallbox Commander 2:

Specially designed for semi-public or corporate parking zones. The Commander 2 comes with a 7-inch touch screen that allows power adjustment from the screen. It communicates with the MyWallbox Portal or App via WiFi, Ethernet or Bluetooth. It is a new and improved second generation design, incorporating internal DC leakage protection. The charger connects with the myWallbox management platform, which
makes it smart and enables multiple user access with a simple PIN code, RFID card or Wallbox mobile app. The touchscreen is engaging, practical and easy to navigate. It can be customised to reflect individual preferences and can display company messages and logos.

Key features

  • Seven inch touch screen interface
  • Balancing charging power across chargers thanks to Power Sharing Smart
  • Integrated DC leakage protection
  • Real time monitoring supported by myWallbox
  • Multi user management capabilities through PIN code, RFID and Wallbox mobile app

Wallbox Quasar:

The charging revolution that allows energy to flow two ways. Quasar is the first charger for your home using advanced bidirectional charging technology. It uses unique power electronics and high frequency switching technology to optimise the energy relationship between vehicle, power grid, home energy generation and storage. Quasar is light-weight and compact enough to fit within a domestic setting, without losing all the premium styling cues and brand language of the Wallbox design influence.

Key features

  • Quasar charges through CHAdeMO vehicle connectors and can be discharged through a CHAdeMO connector allowing homeowners to take advantage of new vehicle to grid electricity tariffs
  • The charger is controlled using the Wallbox App or via the myWallbox portal.

Wallbox Onyx:

Wallbox brings a new range of top pedestal through the pedestal concept Onyx. An elegant pedestal that fits perfectly to any environment and seeks to be a reference in the segment. The combined use of steel and high performance glass makes possible the most advanced recharging solution of the moment. The Onyx allows a mono or dual installation of your Wallbox.

The pedestal is set up as a support accessory for the installation of:

  • Wallbox Copper C
  • Wallbox Copper SB
  • Wallbox Commander 2
  • Wallbox Quasar

Wallbox Supernova:

Introducing Supernova, revolutionary fast public charger. Bringing together a combination of Quasar’s trailblazing technology, user-centric design and an innovative modular system, Supernova is the next generation of public chargers. Offering the best charging experience in the segment for up to half the total cost of ownership, Supernova was created to satisfy both EV drives and charge point operators.
Inside, Supernova is made up of nine independent systems that work together harmoniously. This modular design offers unprecedented flexibility – effortless installation, simpler access for maintenance and easier transportation. Its stunning but functional outer design provides a best in class charging experience to users.
Supernova offers up to 65kW of power, enough to recharge 100km of autonomy in under 15 minutes.

Wallbox Portal and App:

The myWallbox cloud platform allows you to configure, monitor and remotely manage your charger, via mobile app or web portal. It is suitable for private and business use.

  • Information and management in real time: Access from any device to get information about consumption, charging time, energy cost or your charger’s active and uploaded sessions.
  • Regular reports: Easily download all information on energy consumption, costs, uploaded sessions, historical data and much more, whenever you need it.
  • Remote configuration: Set the charging current according to your needs or lock and unlock your charger to avoid misuse. All with a single click.


Manage all your device settings from your mobile phone or tablet through the Wallbox application.

  • Acts as a link between the charger and the myWallbox portal via Bluetooth
  • Set up your device and get access to your consumption
  • Program charging sessions when energy price is lower
  • Set the charging current according to your needs or lock and unlock your charger to avoid misuse. All with a single click