Measurment equipment for grid quality

Measurement equipment for monitoring and energy managment according to Industry 4.0 standard


Wibeee is a technology company that designs and manufactures complete hardware and software solutions for the monitoring and management of electricity consumption in any type of installation, from the home to the big industry.

Wibeee is a consumption analyzer (single-phase or three-phase), which uses a Wi-Fi wireless connection for obtaining electrical data to facilitate decision-making when it comes to understanding the use of electrical energy. The units can be attached to any part of the installation, which helps you to detect any problematic points where energy is not being used efficiently, thus making a significant contribution to the reduction of energy consumption via the remote activation of alarms when the desired limits are surpassed.

WiBeee Plug:

The Wibeee PLUG device is an electrical meter in plug format. It allows to easily measure the consumption of any electrical load that is connected to it. It can measure currents of up to 10A and has an internal relay for device control (on and off). You can program the weekly performance schedule and other automatisms. It has an internal memory to store up to a month of data in case of loss of Internet connection.

Main technical features:

  • Rated voltage – 100 … 240 V AC
  • Frequency – 50 … 60 Hz
  • Voltage measurement margin – 100 … 240 V
  • Current measurement margin – 1 … 10A
  • Communications type – Wi-Fi
  • Protocol – HTTP, Modbus/TCP, XML

WiBeee ONE:

The Wibeee ONE devices are very special meters. Its patented design allows easy installation and fully integration into the electrical panel, so that they are always hidden and protected in the electrical cabinet. These electric meters are powered directly from the electrical panel (without batteries) with a connection to the electrical terminals by means of magnets, very easy, without need of tools. The measured consumption data is sent to the Internet via WiFi or by NB-IoT (SIM card), depending on the model. The Wibeee ONE 2W (2 Wires) is suitable for single phase installations up to 65A. It is the most compact single-phase meter in the market.

The single and three-phase versions of the Wibeee One device allow the user to read, store and manage the electrical parameters while the device is connected to a WiFi wireless connection. These devices can be mounted to standard 2-module (L and N) and 4-module (3L and N) thermal-magnetic circuit breakers.

The reduced dimensions of Wibeee One make it easy to install on the electrical board, with no need to expand or add other elements and with no additional space required on the electrical board.

The device has been designed for currents lower than 65A. It features a communication system and embedded firmware to connect to the local WiFi network and transmit data to the cloud. The free APP allows the local configuration of the device and the display of real-time data and full access to the historical data in the cloud.

WiBeee BOX:

Wibeee Box is a solution of the Wibeee family that features 3 current sensors for single-phase lines of up to 100A.

Its multiple clamps of various sizes allow to adapt to any situation and facilitate the measurement of domestic and small power installations.

These electric meters are fed directly from the electrical panel (without batteries) with a connection to the electric terminals by magnets, very easy, without the need for tools.
The measured consumption data are sent to the Internet via WiFi or by NB-IoT (SIM card), depending on the model.
There is a single-phase and three-phase version.

WiBeee Max:

Wibeee Max is a high-accuracy and very versatile device connected to the cloud through the Wibeee platform; it allows the sub-metering of three-phase lines for medium and high currents. The device can adjust the current measurement to up to 10kA with the escalation of the current sensors. Therefore, Wibeee Max is a very effective solution to measure the electrical parameters in industrial projects or commercial buildings or offices.

Main technical features:

  • Connection type – Single or three-phase
  • Rated voltage – 100 … 400 V Ac Power – 4.5 … 9 VA
  • Communications type – WiFi
  • Measurement circuit
  • Voltage measurement – 100 … 480 V
  • Nominal current – 350A 700A / 100A 1kA 5kA